Genealogy News’s New DNA ThruLines

If you haven’t been on in a while and you’ve done their DNA testing, you need to check out the new ThruLines.  It gives you a better way of seeing how your DNA matches connect to you.  I really like it.  It does still have some bugs in it.  I have quite a few matches who are not matches at all and that is because, I am guessing, there must be an issue with their alogrithm and it picks up, not only DNA hints and matches, but also just random tree hints.  This new hint system is going to take the place of the old “leaf” system.  I do like it.  You can check out a video on YouTube at

PROLOGUE MAGAZINE at the National Archives

This magazine is about 50 years old and gives insight to our nation’s history and provides genealogy tips and insights.  Check it out online at