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Feature:  New Additions to’s DNA–Genetic Communities

If you have not taken an ancestral DNA test yet or if you aren’t a regular on, you may not be aware of the features which have been added since begun testing.  Ancestry is now classifying test takers into regional groups based upon where the DNA leads them.  For instance, in the March 2017 blog post from Dianne Haddad at Genealogy Insider, her mother was placed into the Munster Irish Genetic Community.  Dianne said, “Genetic communities are genetically connected groups AncestryDNA has identified that show where your family probably lived over the past few hundred years. The Munster Irish were from the province of Munster in southwestern Ireland, where counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick are.   I already knew from records that our Irish ancestors came from Cork and Kerry, but this would be big news for someone who knew only that he was part Irish.”

In my case, I have been placed into the Settlers of Southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.  This is no surprise to me because I knew my family primarily resided in those areas.  My paternal ancestors immigrated to Virginia, through North Carolina and on to Alabama and the panhandle.  I would have thought, though, that I would also be in the Northern part of Alabama as my maternal ancestors helped to settle that area after the Native Americans had been moved to Oklahoma.  This is just a beta test for now; so hopefully, will be adding more genealogical communities to give more streamlined information regarding DNA results.