Genealogy News

 ‘Tis the Season to Save

All aspiring genealogists know that this is not a cheap hobby.  In order to get the records and information most of us want, it requires subscriptions to websites and sometimes those pricy DNA testing kits.  Right now, much of those are on sale, so DO YOUR RESEARCH on those.  Most of the testing companies are running great discounts on their testing kits so take advantage while you can.

In addition, there are great deals on books and subscriptions to websites and software that can come in handy.  For example, Family Tree Magazine provides so much information for genealogists and the weekend hobbyist.  They have great books, a information packed magazine, forms…you name it.  Right now, they are running a sale on many of their popular items.  Check it out at  Their DNA site, has a discount for joining right now.  If you take advantage of it this month, you’ll get 30% of the regular subscription price for the next year. is running a sale for gift subscriptions.  You can get 20% off if you give a subscription to someone else.  That can make it nice if you want to collaborate with a family member who is very interested but maybe cannot swing the price of admission.