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Looks like there is always something new in the field of genealogy, but this website is terrific.  It looks and behaves like a newsite.  It gives you a terrific rundown of everything that is going on in genealogy and what is new on each of the top websites.  Be sure and check it out  There is also or Genealogy Today which provides a list of updated or new information in the genealogy world.


The biggest news, though, is the partnership between GlaxoSmithKline and 23andme to use DNA samples for pharmaceutical purposes.  If you are concerned about your DNA ownership, here is an article you will want to read,  There is no doubt that Congress will become involved in this now.  How long that will take is anyone’s guess, but I would bet hearings will start this year.  I see this as a breach of confidence between the testing company and the participant.  I don’t believe any of the DNA providers have done so with any intentions of participating in a drug study or research program, so to do so without their knowledge or consent by the testing company, in my opinion, is a violation of that trust.  However, I would also bet that somewhere in the small print of the user agreement the testing company has covered their proverbial behinds somehow.  As jaded as I am as an American, I don’t see the DNA participant coming out on the winning side, which will only mean a massive slow down on ancestral testing, a hit to the jugular in terms of reputation and a loss for these testing companies in the long run.