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Dear Mr. Trump, It isn’t about you; It’s about America’

Mr. Trump have read that you no longer wish to pursue actions against Mrs. Clinton because “you do not want to harm her” and you want her to “heal”. I have a problem with this position and I wish to address that with you.

First and foremost, you led us, your supporters, to believe that the crimes that Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have committed were reprehensible and that you would make sure that she (it) would be held accountable for them. I believed you to be a man of your word, sir. Am I to believe now that Mrs. Clinton was correct when she called you a liar?  These issues are not about your feelings, sir. These issues are about the integrity of this nation. Are we to stand for nothing? She broke election laws, she broke security laws, just to name a few. The investigations have been put into motion and you promised to keep them going until a resolution is reached. Our children are watching and their opinions of good, bad, right, wrong, fair, and just are being formed. If you stop in the middle of the process, before she has the opportunity to come before a jury of her peers, then their perception of these ideals will be forever marred, and your reputation ruined.

For many of your supporters you  slogan, “Make America Great Again”, meant that we were finally going to see traditional values return to our country, that maybe Christians wouldn’t have to feel like the counter-culture any more, where businesses wouldn’t have to worry about being sued for living and running their businesses according to their religious beliefs; where people can openly sing Christmas carols in the city street without fear of reprisal. But, maybe that isn’t the case if you are already backtracking on issues like this, where morality is such an important factor.

There are many men and women, governmental workers and soldiers, who are doing time for doing less than Mrs. Clinton in regard to failing to safeguard our government’s secrets. How can you look those families in the face and explain to them why their child is incarcerated, but Mrs. Clinton is not? How can you justify to the parents and families of the 9-11 victims and US soldiers that Mrs. Clinton received millions of dollars from state sponsors of terrorism through the Clinton Foundation and she made vital decisions regarding the sale of weapons to the same countries, namely Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We also train some of these countries military members…just so they might turn around and kill us?! How stupid do we have to be? At least we don’t have to have a turncoat in our own government! And when we do, we prosecute to the full extent of the law.

What do you think would happen to Mrs. Clinton if she were Russian? British? French? Do you think they would allow her to slide by Scott free? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Of course, in Russia she’d be lucky to keep her life. Certainly that is no option here. I am simply asking that you allow the investigations to continue, to allow all evidence to be fully discovered, and to allow your Justice Department to review all the evidence gathered in every case and to make a determination based upon the full preponderance of said evidence and then decided whether she should be indicted and face a jury of her peers.  Our country deserves to know the full truth and the Clintons need to be accountable for their actions. This is a critical moment for every American young and old, that no one, no matter how high placed is above the law. Isn’t this the lesson you would want Barron to learn?

Deborah “Liberty” Rhoades @realDonaldTrump


Get Over It & Go Home

When I went to bed Monday night, my stomach was in knots and I was having a panic attack.  I had the television on to Fox News (at first it was on ABC, but I changed it because I couldn’t stand the people they had on reporting and the slant they had on the discussion of the election).  I listened, but most of all I was reading the results at the bottom of the screen as they show the reports of the states and the various elections.  One of my pet peeves is calling an election when only 30% of the precincts have reported.  How crazy is that, right?  When you have 70% outstanding, anything can happen! Nevertheless, these crazy news outlets do it anyway.  I listened and read for about an hour before I determined that what was going to happen was going to happen and my anxiety about it wasn’t going to matter, so I went to sleep.

Much to my surprise when I awoke, Trump was announced as the winner.  I was completely taken aback because I just knew that Hillary was going to win, especially going to win the electoral college.  I had no idea that it would be Trump who would win the electoral college and Hillary who would win the popular vote.  Pundits agreed.  Pundits surmised that there must have been those who feared retaliation for their support of Trump who had kept quiet through the campaign process who came forward for Trump in the voting process. This is quite interesting.  These people were in fear of the Democrat Party and their tendency toward retaliation and violence.  Seeing what is happening now, I can understand why.

I am so ashamed of the behavior I see happening now.  Hillary Clinton and everyone in the Democrat Party should be ashamed of it.  The fact that they are not and that they have not come forward and asked these kids to go home and to stop their protest and violence is very disturbing.  This is the behavior you get when you raise children never allowing them to fail and never teaching them how cope with failure.  When you give little Johnny and little Susie an award for everything they do good AND bad, then they never know whether they’ve done something right or wrong, good or bad.  This is not real life.

And in school, so many teachers now are giving away grades that students don’t deserve because they want their reports to look good and they want their student evaluations to be good.  This sets students up for failure when they go to college and find out that they aren’t as smart as they thought they were.  My son graduated from high school almost two years ago.  In his graduating class there were 632 students.  In that class over 420 were honor students.  Yep, you read that correctly…420 honor graduates.  He was right behind them with an 89.5 GPA.  Now consider this, this high school has not made its AYP in several years BUT it has this many honor graduates?  Something is amiss.  You would think someone from the state superintendent’s office would come looking to see about how this happens.

The real point is that the time to protest is over.  The election is over and a president was elected fairly under the law.  You  may not like the law, but it is the law.  Your protest is not going to result in any outcome.  President-Elect Trump has not even taken office yet and people are accusing him of doing things he cannot even do yet.  Mrs. Clinton did nothing to lead by example in this situation.  She has behaved like a child.  Any person with decency and class would have come forward and asked that the protesters stop and go home, and to accept the outcome of the election.  She would have asked that they treat this president with respect and to support him as they would have her to make this country one that projects dignity and respect around the world.  Instead, she has a temper tantrum like a 2 year old and sends her “daddy” out to cover for her.  Still after two weeks, there is no word from her to the protesters with any kind of direction to accept the election and to go home.  Without these words, she is in essence approving their behavior and supporting it.

Here are the facts: Donald J Trump won the election legally.  He won the electoral college.  The Founding Fathers established the electoral college because they feared a president being chosen merely on popularity rather than on qualification.  He has not taken the office yet, so he cannot act in any presidential fashion at this time.  He is putting together his transition team and selecting his cabinet.  Hillary Clinton lost the election.  She lost the election because of herself, not because of the media, or the FBI, or Congress (Trey Gowdy), or anyone else she wants to blame.  Hillary and only Hillary is to blame for her loss.  She needs to get over it and move on.  I hope that President Trump with shut down the Clinton Foundation and put an end to that operation. Otherwise, I suspect Bill and Hillary will continue to operate that illegal operation until someone in law enforcement makes them stop.  She has much time on her hands now.  She can either use this time for good, or she can use it for bad.  This will remain to be seen.  Good luck to us all!


A Horrific Clinton Crime

There are so many things I could talk about here that Bill and Hillary Clinton have done wrong, but there is one crime I feel today has to be discussed. As we know Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010. Billions of dollars in aid and private donations were accumulated for Haiti from the United States. Bill and Hillary Clinton established the Haiti Reconstruction Fund after the earthquake.  Bill even said that, “it would be great if Haiti was the first wireless island in the world” regarding internet access. Estimates show that about $30 million dollars was raised. At this time, Hillary was Secretary of State and she was in charge of U S aid to Haiti.

However, the money never made to the Haitian treasury and millions of Haitians still reside in tent cities. Now they are at risk of another devastating loss as Hurricane Matthew passes over their island. The loss could be tremendous. No doubt there are many who will be holding Bill and Hillary Clinton responsible. Like their other pay-to-play schemes, the Clintons gave reconstruction contracts to “friends” or “friends of friends” who made large donations to the Clinton Foundation. The work was either not done, it was substandard, or it was simply unnecessary and isn’t now being used. Clearly, the only people who benefited were Bill and Hillary. If they can sleep knowing people have died because of their actions, then they simply are not human.  Not people I want in the White House again. 

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me again, shame on me!
Definition of stupidity–doing the same thing (voting for another democrat) and expecting a different outcome 

Surely we aren’t that stupid? 

Have a great week!


I love good political strategy!

Well you just knew that Hillary’s email scandal wouldn’t die.  The cover up has been just too poorly constructed for it to die.  One of the things I love about politics is watching these maneuvers and strategies play out and wondering what in the world goes on in the heads of these overpriced strategists and consultants that they allow these things to happen in front of cameras!

FBI Director Comey most likely does not have actual political strategists to assist him because he is not supposed to be political, but he does have within the Bureau public relations personnel who are supposed to construct public announcements and who are supposed to assist with his public appearances so that he doesn’t say things that he should not. Those PR people failed him miserably.  We all know, because of his statements, that Hillary lied about emailing classified information outside of the appropriate government secured email system.  That is illegal.  PERIOD.  ILLEGAL.  Whether or not she did it on purpose or knew what she was doing was illegal does not matter.  The law say so.  However, FBI Director Comey stated that because he could not find intent there would be no charges against Mrs. Clinton.  What he should have said was, “There will be no charges against Mrs. Clinton at this time, ” and just left it at that and refused to answer questions.  That way it would be open ended and there would be no stupid statement about intent which was erroneous anyway.

Another interesting strategy regarding these dreaded emails relates to the Assange, Putin, Clinton triangle.  Clinton alleges that there is a conspiracy by the Russians; that they were the ones who hacked her emails and provided them to Julian Assange at Wikileaks who has then been making them public.  This is interesting.  First, not long ago Clinton claimed that the server had, to her knowledge, never been hacked, but now all of the sudden and conveniently it has been hacked by the evil Russians who are out to get her.  For what reason Putin is out to get her, I don’t know.  Maybe it is in horror over her dreadful “reset button” or her awful pant suits!  What else on earth could it be?  After all they got a great deal from her while she was Secretary of State.  Rosatom, a state owned uranium company purchased controlling interested in Uranium One, a Canadian Company, which owned 20 percent of the U S uranium holdings.  From 2009 to 2013, the head of Uranium One made contributions of the Clinton Foundation that totaled over 2.35 million and shortly after the Russians took control of Uranium One, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.  Coincidence? I doubt it.  Now, Hillary did once compare Putin to Hitler, so maybe that comment still sits deep in his craw.  He is ex-KGB, after all.

But let’s think strategically here.  Who has the most to gain here.  It would seem to me that all of this is really more to the benefit of Mrs. Clinton.  If we repeat a lie over and over and over, eventually the uninformed masses will begin to believe it as fact.  That is her M.O.  Therefore, if she repeats that her email has been hacked and that the bad, bad Russians have retrieved her emails and have changed them or modified them in some way and given them to Assange, then she can continue to play the victim and not the nasty criminal that she really is.  The server holds all the truth.  Any decent IT person can tell you when and how a server has been hacked and where the hacker was and what the hacker’s IP address was.  It may take some time to obtain this information but it can be done.  NSA can do it.  We have this technology; it is no secret and Mrs. Clinton knows the truth is out there and that her time with the truth is fleeting.

Putin may very well be behind the hacking and he may very well hate her and want to sway this election; however, I do not believe that he would do it.  There have been other Russian leaders in the past that had similar feelings and desires and they did not do it then either.  To tamper with election systems really goes beyond the pale.  It would be traceable back to him and I truly do not believe he cares that much about it.  The person with the most to lose at this point is Hillary Clinton.  This is her conspiracy and her strategy.  To repeat this lie that it is Putin who wants to hurt her.  That is Putin who wants to tamper with our election system.  This just cries of desperation.  Do not fall for this nonsense.  Nothing I have said is pro-Trump.  I am simply telling you that this line of strategy from this candidate is not real.  When people resort to fear in order to get a vote, we should all be very concerned about a candidate which ever side they may be on.

You know it occurs to me that we really have another option as a country.  We have an option that no other country has ever done.  We have a social contract with our government meaning that they work for us, and when they fail to remember who works for who, then it is broken.  I don’t know about most of you but I really feel like I don’t have much of an option in this election.  I really don’t care of anyone.  We could as a nation just stay home.  One hundred percent of eligible voters just stay home.  What would they do then?  No popular vote. No electoral vote. No vote at all.  I think that would make Gandhi proud.  MLK Jr. proud.  Could you imagine no voters at the polls?  Poll workers stay home.  It is an interesting premise.

Let me know what you think.


What’s Wrong With Us?

I live in South Georgia and we recently went through Hurricane Hermine. It was not as bad as it could have been. The eye of the storm went directly over where my family lives. There were tens of thousands without power for a day or two, trees down, limbs, yard debris, etc.   Schools in our area closed in advance of the storm so my daughter decided to take that opportunity to spend the night with her grandmother across town. The next day, they were without power and I had to wait for several hours before I could get on the road to go pick her up.  Once I did, I had to take a couple of detours to get to my mother’s neighborhood. On the drive there, there was something that stood out for me. No longer do we as human beings do anything for one another. All we seem to do any more is pass the buck down the road to someone else. We absolutely want no responsibility for anyone or anything but what we believe is “ours”.

Let me explain what I mean. When I was about 10, my parents got our first riding mower and it became my job to mow the lawn. While I mowed, my parents did other jobs in the yard. The mower did not have a bagger, so the grass clippings were blown out and had to be raked up. When I mowed near the street, of course, they were blown into the street. We would raked up the clippings in the yard and sweep up those in the street. The day of the storm as I drove through town, I could see where trees had fallen from yards into the street and owners had come and sawed the tree into pieces and put those pieces on the curb, but had left the remains in the street for city workers to clean up as if they had no more responsibility for those parts. I saw yards that had been cleaned up, but the street in front of the home was almost impassible because of tree limbs.  It makes me wonder how many older folks were left at home without power and without anyone to check on them because it wasn’t anyone’s responsibility.

What has happened to us? Why are we so focused on ourselves that we cannot even go out passed our curb to clean up the small part of the street in front of our house so that a car can drive down the street safely? We cannot even check on that neighbor a few doors down that we rarely see anyone come visit and we know is getting on up in age. Would it really be such an imposition to walk down and see if he/she needs any help?  I am not saying all of this because I am perfect. I am saying it because I felt convicted! Sure I check on my mom, my mother-in-law, and close friends, but I still need to do better. We all need to do better. We have to stop passing the responsibility to someone else when we are just doing it to get out of doing it ourselves. If we would just do this, our society would be so much better for it.

I challenge you to take this on with me.

God bless!



I am hot! And I don’t mean attractive.  I would like to use a different word, but I am trying to maintain my composure and a modicum of decency on this blog. So, what am I so upset about?  This:


Little Girl Abandoned by Father and Drug-Addict Mother Is Adopted by Christian Texas Family, Becomes Best Athlete in the World

2016-08-08-Simone Biles-al-trautwig

Reporters have turned the life of gymnast Simone Biles upside down.  All this 19-year old-young lady wanted when she went to the Olympics in Rio was the gold, but she’s gotten much more than that.  Sure, we like a good back story, but reporters have gone way too far, but some of that was caused by her own family going too far.  I will give them that.  Her grandfather provided more information than Simone may have been comfortable with, telling reporters about her being abandoned by her drugged addicted biological parents.  And there is where my anger begins.  Although her grandfather provided that information, these reporters did not have run with it.  This is very sensitive, personal information.  Simone should have been consulted before that information was printed, but we all know that the media prints first and apologizes later.  All I can hope for at this point, is that Simone has been isolated enough in Rio that she is not aware that this information has been made public.  She may not be as sensitive as I am about my biological past, but if she is, it would absolutely affect her abilities in this competition.

As an older adoptee (I was adopted at the age of 5 1/2), I was extremely insecure about being adopted.  I wore a chip on my shoulder for decades.  I believe me when confronted or teased about it for several years I sucker punched many kids and spent time in the principal’s office.  Then, I went to the other extreme, I became depressed and anxious.  I tried to hold it all in and not let it show.  I didn’t want to disappoint my adopted parents any more by being angry and fighting.  The anxiety was horrible.  It would get so intense at times I couldn’t bear it.  I would barricade myself in my room and hold a pillow to my face and just scream.  Finally, around the age of 11 or so, I couldn’t take that any more either, so I decided I would block it all out.  So, I internalized it all. I don’t know how the psyche works, but I now have no real memories before the age of 8.  And all of this happened BEFORE I knew my back story!

When I was in graduate school at Florida State, I decided to write to the Department of Family and Children’s in Alabama and request my adoption file.  They sent me my non-identifying information, which alone was enough to send someone in an anxiety attack. In that correspondence with DFACS, they told me that I had a half-brother and asked if I wanted to be reunited.  Of course, I did! When I met him, he knew what his given name was at birth to include our last name. Several years later, after I returned from serving in the Army in Hawaii when the internet was still new, I was able to obtain a list of everyone in the State of Alabama with that last name.  I wrote a letter to everyone on that list.  The third letter I received was from our grandfather.  He lovingly poured out his heart telling us our tragic back story.

After reading the letter, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US”.  And, the same is true with Simone Biles.  What her biological parents may or may not have done has NOTHING to do with her.  It has no bearing on who she is or what she will be.  Nothing she has accomplished or will accomplish is because of them.  She is who she is because of herself and because of those people who have loved her and who have been there for her.  To give them any press or attention is ridiculous.  These headlines are meant to detract from Simone’s success, as if she couldn’t do this because she had drug addicts for parents.  These people did nothing for Simone except to give her life. That is the only credit they deserve.  They should never be mentioned again.  Move on passed this because it is a non-story.  Support Simone’s as she goes for the gold in Rio.  Cheer her and the US Olympic team.  She is phenomenal because of all the hard work and determination that she has put into herself to get there.  That is what is important here.  That is the real story!





Why Khan’s Background Matters

At the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan and his wife spoke about their son, Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004.  There is no question to me that Mr. and Mrs. Khan’s son died bravely and that he is a hero.  I certainly respect and honor his service.  I would have stood beside him and fought with him myself had that need arisen.  That is not the point of this blog.  What has drawn my ire is the background of Mr. Khan and the seedy nature of his appearance at the convention.  Being a very politically natured person, I tend to look at every thing critically and I have to ask myself, “didn’t they know that he would look bad?  Didn’t they know that we would Google him? How can they be so stupid?”

There have been approximately 3,500 Muslim soldiers who have been deployed to combat areas.  Approximately seven have been killed.  Do you mean to tell me out of those seven, this is the only family the DNC could find to speak at the convention? One without deep ties to the Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation,the Islamist Nation and who advocates for Sharia Law over our Constitution? I find that hard to believe.  Mrs. Clinton would have better served herself by not even going there in the first place.  However, she did and now she has opened Pandora’s Box.

Since that time much has been said and done on both sides.  Most of those on the left are simply trying to deflect it away.  Mr. Khan, according to Breitbart, deleted his law firm’s website that dealt with immigration of Muslims from the Middle East.   According to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart,  Mr. Khan’s firm assisted wealthy Muslims in obtaining EB5 visas.  He quotes U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) who has detailed such corruption over the past several months, and in February issued a blistering statement about it. “Maybe it is only here on Capitol Hill—on this island surrounded by reality—that we can choose to plug our ears and refuse to listen to commonly accepted facts,” Grassley said in a statement earlier this year. “The Government Accountability Office, the media, industry experts, members of Congress, and federal agency officials, have concurred that the program is a serious problem with serious vulnerabilities. Allow me to mention a few of the flaws…The memo identifies seven main areas of program vulnerability, including the export of sensitive technology, economic espionage, use by foreign government agents and terrorists, investment fraud, illicit finance and money laundering.” (

Additionally, Mrs. Clinton and others continue to attack Mr. Trump.  God bless him, he makes it easy.  He needs to listen to his advisors before he opens his mouth and puts his shoe in.  It does make it easy for the Democrats to deflect the attention away from Mr. Khan’s attachment at the hip to the Clinton Foundation and their pay-to-play schemes. Also noted on the website Mr. Khan has deleted, there was noted another previous law firm where he was employed Hogan & Hartson (now Hogan & Lovell).  Hogan & Hartson located in Washington, D. C., was retained by the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. As we all now know by now, the Saudi government has made over $35 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation and this was at the time Mr. Khan was employed there.  It is also interesting to note, that Hogan prepared the tax returns for Mrs. Clinton, and according to the Breitbart article cited above, “and helped acquire the patents for parts of the technology she used in crafting her illicit home-brew email server that the FBI director called “extremely careless” in handling classified information.”

And on top of all of this what Mr. Khan alleged in his speech about what Donald Trump wants to do wasn’t even true.  Donald Trump does not want to permanently keep all Muslims out of the United States.  It makes me ill every time I hear a Democrat make this allegation because he has not said this. He only wants to temporarily keep out Muslims until there is a viable method of vetting people who will ensure that terrorists will not get in.  We want to keep out terrorists, right?  I am assuming we can agree that would be a good idea. Right now there is no way to do that.  Homeland Security has said it over and over again.  In the past few months, there has been a terrorist attack somewhere in the world almost once a week.  With this in mind, does it not make sense to proceed from a place of conservatism in regard to immigration? It doesn’t mean it must be permanent. Just a temporary measure to ensure the protection of our nation.

I asked a question on Facebook not long ago, and it was this, “Is there any benefit to being an American citizen any more?” I only received response.  Today in this country we give more rights to the people who come here illegally, who don’t pay a dime in taxes, but take more from us in benefits than we do the citizens of this country.  Why do we do that?  Why do we believe that we come second?  Our government’s first responsibility is to US, to protect and defend US its citizens.  When it does not do that, then it has broken the social contract with the People and the People have the right to redress its grievances with that government.  That government only exist ONLY because the People allow it to exist, NOT the other way around, and our government needs to remember that.  This current government seems to have forgotten that, and therein lies some danger that it is too large, too powerful, and must be put in check.  Sharia Law is completely incompatible with our Constitution and we cannot allow this continued trend towards allowing it to creep into our courtrooms.  It stands in complete opposition to the First Amendment. It would deny every Christian his/her rights, and so we must stand strong against those like Mr. Khan and for the DNC to trot him out on a stage and have him speak hoping we never find out his backstory, is disturbing.

Let me know your thoughts!




Why We Should Stop Shaming Melania Trump — john pavlovitz

I am sharing this post from John Pavlovitz because I couldn’t say it any better than he and this needs to be said.  We have to consider both sides here.  In deciding who we will vote for in November becomes a cost/benefit analysis of epic proportions.  Although spouses are not normally as significant as the candidate themselves, this election cycle, they are more important.  Bill Clinton and Melania Trump by their nature makes them important.  In this posting, John makes some important points regarding the media’s treatment of Melania.


This weekend the New York Post published decades old nude photos of Melania Trump, and lots of folks have taken to social media to share the piece, along with similar memes juxtaposing her and First Lady Michelle Obama. At first these things seem like political fair play; a clever tit-for-tat response, doing to the Trumps what Donald Trump has……

via Why We Should Stop Shaming Melania Trump — john pavlovitz

Where do we go from here?

Like, I think, most people I feel very conflicted this election cycle.  We have often found ourselves in a situation where we are forced to choose the “lesser of two evils”, but I am not sure that the “lesser” of the two evils has been quite like this.  It is hard to say because I do not have grandparents to tell me what it was like in elections past to really know.  But, even during the Cold War elections, when I remember feelings of distress about our security against the Russians, I don’t remember feeling that either choice would place my life in significant danger as I do now.

With the primaries behind us and the debates coming, I will be following those closely for glimpses of some sort of resolution to my distress.  As it stands right now, however, I know that in my heart, I could never vote for Mrs. Clinton. I do not care if she is prosecuted or not for her crimes involving her illegal server.  She committed crimes against our country with that server, I know it for a fact.  I was a U. S. Army Counterintelligence Agent, I know that if I had done what she did, I would be in Ft. Leavenworth for the rest of my life, no questions asked.  I signed the same documents that she signed. I got the same briefings about safeguarding our national security intelligence.  She lied. She lied and she got special treatment because of who she is.  That is called elitism. She wants us to believe that she is different from everyone else in Washington, but this is evidence right here, that she is not.  Her forty plus years of public service has provided her with contacts in the right places, with dirt on those in the right places, and she set this situation up on the very day that she took her oath of office in such a way that she knew that if she ever got caught she would create enough collateral damage she would never be prosecuted for it.  This is one smart cookie.

But, Trump is no dummy either.  He is about as slick as they come.  He is passing himself off as a Republican when he is really a Democrat, albeit a conservative Democrat, but none-the-less a Democrat.  So, theories abound that Hillary and Donald concocted this plan for him to put his hat in the ring as a ruse so that she would win the election, believing that the Donald wasn’t serious about being president and that he would drop out.  I can believe that theory.  It makes sense to me.  He and the Clintons have been close in the past.  I don’t know why he would want to agree to such a scheme unless there was some promise made that he wanted like a real estate deal down the road.  He doesn’t need the cash from the Clinton Foundation.  But where the Clintons miscalculated is with the Donald’s ego.  What they could never have predicted was the voter.  Once voters started actually jumping behind the Donald and started chanting his name, that ego kicked in and it was over.  Donald saw that, “hey, I might actually win.”  Then he threw Hillary under the bus with her little deal.

It will interesting to see just how far he is willing to go during the debates in hammering her on all of her scandals, lies, etc.  There are forty plus years of materials he could cover.  She’s gone from being anti-civil rights under Goldwater and a follower of racist pigs like Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger to open borders and Common Core. On the other hand, Hillary can turn on Trump too.  He has no record on anything, but he has flipped on issues like abortion and his stance on NATO is not popular on either side.  These next few months will give us much to discuss.

I love to debate, but I demand civility and respect, or I will bounce you off of here.  There is no need to be hateful.  It does not resolve anything.




When Fox News debuted in 1996, it was a breath of fresh air, seemingly unadulterated by the leftist bias that had long characterized the three mainstream networks and CNN.  But that initial commitment to balance has gone by the wayside, sacrific…

Source: When Fox News debuted in 1996, it was a breath of fresh air, seemingly unadulterated by the leftist bias that had long characterized the three mainstream networks and CNN.  But that initial commitment to balance has gone by the wayside, sacrific…

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