Genealogy News

Feature: Collaborates with and recently announced that they would be collaborating to preserve the heritage of  world cemeteries.  They will be launching a massive crowd sourcing initiative to accomplish this task.  BillionGraves is a free iOS and Android application that lets users easily photograph and document gravestones, providing an important source of information for people intrigued about their ancestors and family history. Using patent-pending technology, BillionGraves is the only mobile application of its kind. With the help of MyHeritage, the app will be available in 25 languages, and will support Gregorian, Hebrew and Julian dates. It records the GPS locations of gravestones to make them easy to find and volunteers can easily see which areas of any cemetery remain undocumented, to maximize efficiency and avoid duplication. The gravestone photographs are then transcribed by volunteers on the BillionGraves website, resulting in searchable digital data.  I think this will be an outstanding way for researchers to be able to access ancestor information and to participate in the process as well.  Keep checking both websites for more information.

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