I’ve never been a huge fan of the New Year’s Resolution game, but I’ve been thinking more lately about what I want for next year.  I am enjoying working from home now, but I want to do more with that work, and I want to do more in terms of building up myself personally and […]


I hope that each of you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving this year and that you had time with your family that was fulfilling and joyful.  There are so many that do not have a family to spend time with and it makes me sad, that I make sure to spend quality time with […]

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this question: If I could have anything from an ancestor, what would it be? Have you ever thought about this before?  Would you want something material, like photographs, if you haven’t any, tools, a letter, a diary?  What would you treasure most from a grandparent, great-grandparent?  When you […]