American Rhoades Research & Consulting

Now offering genealogy research and consulting services for you and your family.  I have been doing genealogy research since 2001.  I have always had a love for history, especially family history.  Having been adopted at the age of 5, I always wanted to know who I am and what kind of people I came from.  I was successful in discovering my biological family and since then I have worked on finding where my roots came from.  I would like to help you do the same.  We are made up of all those who came before and knowing those roots many times helps us understand who we are and why.

Cost of services provided upon request.  You may email me at Primary research area:  Georgia–Southern Georgia which includes the following:

georgia-county-map (2)

And in North Florida, you will need to call me to confirm, but I can cover the North Central Florida Counties of Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and Columbia.

florida-county-map (2)



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