So What’s Next?

Let’s take a hypothetical situation…let’s say that you have the perfect genealogical situation and everything you have done has led you to the discovery of a full, ten generation family tree. That would be an amazing situation to be in, wouldn’t it? What do you do from here? What is your goal once you have a beautiful, well researched, fully authenticated family tree? Are you one who will publish a book? I suspect not.

Of the millions who hit the computer each week to research their family histories, I suspect most have no desire to write and publish a book. The fact is those books don’t really sell well. The sphere of interest in family history books is, in truth, small as is financial gain from those books. Therefore, the question arises in my mind, then, what is our ultimate goal once we reach our end point, whatever point that may be. Will you simply make copies of your tree and research for your family? Will you keep it for yourself?

Please share with with me what your ultimate goal for your research.

Have a great week.


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