One thing we always hear from political pundits, friends, neighbors, etc is that, “we need to find common ground” to make a difference.  Some days after reading the headlines and strolling through the stories online, reading comments from friends, I feel like there is just no way to find common ground; we are just too far apart on how we see America, what we believe the American dream to be, and how to achieve that dream.  It usually makes me so upset, I throw up my hands and walk away.  Other days, like today, I sit down and type up a blog!  Ha, Ha.

I was just reading a story about a man I follow online, who I admire and believe to be extremely intelligent about global politics–Sebastian Gorka.  While I have only seen a few references to allegations of antisemitism in the Trump Administration, I have tended to disregard them because I have not heard President Trump say anything remotely antisemitic, he seems to be a staunch supporter of Israel, and his daughter did convert to Judaism to marry her husband and raise their children.  Today, however, I see a story that some of this antisemitism is directed at Dr. Gorka. I was dumb founded.  In everything I have ever heard or read about Dr. Gorka, he has never been antisemitic.  Here is the link to the story so that you can read it for yourself.

This seems to be another hatchet job from the far left in an attempt to discredit and to vilify Dr. Gorka.  So, I sat back shaking my head and here are my thoughts.  You can share yours with me.  I am so tired of the political posturing between these two parties.  They are like to children fighting to be first in line to go to recess.  You know what I mean?  They are pushing and shoving each other, both claiming to have gotten there first and claiming the other one is wrong and did something mean, like shoving or punching or pinching the other one.  After a while, the teacher will finally say, “Look, if you can’t behave when it is time to go outside, we just won’t go.”  Well, what are the American people supposed to do when we want to say, “we just won’t go”?

I am so tired of this tit for tat backstabbing that goes on because, like in Dr. Gorka’s case, a good person who has only fought his whole life for the rights of his fellow-man for self-determination and freedom is personally destroyed just so others can maintain their power and control.  Dr. Gorka and his family are the immediate victims, but the American people are as well because we seem to be powerless to pull ourselves out of this insanity and tell these folks, “No! We aren’t going to the playground, do you hear us?”  It seems that the same folks that vote, always vote; the same people who don’t vote, never vote, so we are locked into this unending cycle of electoral insanity.

In this first month of his administration, President Trump’s opposition has been full force in their effort to discredit, vilify, mutilate and mame every person involved in this Administration regardless of whether they are actually guilty of anything.  Some of it has been completely fabricated, as in Dr. Gorka’s case.  Both sides of the aisle are guilty of opposing legislation solely because it was proposed by the opposing side.  How stupid is that?  If the legislation is good, you vote for it.  If the legislation is bad, then make proposals to make it work or start over.  Why do we have to play these childish games?  Why get in front of a camera and lie about how bad a bill is when you know it isn’t true just because you weren’t the one who authored it, or lie about how wonderful a piece of legislation is when you know it was written specifically to fail, OR God forbid, tell the American people who you don’t even know what the bill says, you have to pass it to know what’s in it?

I don’t even want to listen to the news anymore or hear anything come out of the mouths of these people because I do not believe any of them any more.  I am praying for the best from them and I hope I will be pleasantly surprised, but I am NOT holding my breath!

Before I leave, I am attaching a link here to Dr. Gorka’s biography.  I want you to read for yourselves his background.  The lesson is that you have to do your own research, you have to read everything you can get your hands on about what is going on, and you have to vote every single time.

Good day and God bless.





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