Dear Mr. Trump, It isn’t about you; It’s about America’

Mr. Trump have read that you no longer wish to pursue actions against Mrs. Clinton because “you do not want to harm her” and you want her to “heal”. I have a problem with this position and I wish to address that with you.

First and foremost, you led us, your supporters, to believe that the crimes that Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have committed were reprehensible and that you would make sure that she (it) would be held accountable for them. I believed you to be a man of your word, sir. Am I to believe now that Mrs. Clinton was correct when she called you a liar?  These issues are not about your feelings, sir. These issues are about the integrity of this nation. Are we to stand for nothing? She broke election laws, she broke security laws, just to name a few. The investigations have been put into motion and you promised to keep them going until a resolution is reached. Our children are watching and their opinions of good, bad, right, wrong, fair, and just are being formed. If you stop in the middle of the process, before she has the opportunity to come before a jury of her peers, then their perception of these ideals will be forever marred, and your reputation ruined.

For many of your supporters you  slogan, “Make America Great Again”, meant that we were finally going to see traditional values return to our country, that maybe Christians wouldn’t have to feel like the counter-culture any more, where businesses wouldn’t have to worry about being sued for living and running their businesses according to their religious beliefs; where people can openly sing Christmas carols in the city street without fear of reprisal. But, maybe that isn’t the case if you are already backtracking on issues like this, where morality is such an important factor.

There are many men and women, governmental workers and soldiers, who are doing time for doing less than Mrs. Clinton in regard to failing to safeguard our government’s secrets. How can you look those families in the face and explain to them why their child is incarcerated, but Mrs. Clinton is not? How can you justify to the parents and families of the 9-11 victims and US soldiers that Mrs. Clinton received millions of dollars from state sponsors of terrorism through the Clinton Foundation and she made vital decisions regarding the sale of weapons to the same countries, namely Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We also train some of these countries military members…just so they might turn around and kill us?! How stupid do we have to be? At least we don’t have to have a turncoat in our own government! And when we do, we prosecute to the full extent of the law.

What do you think would happen to Mrs. Clinton if she were Russian? British? French? Do you think they would allow her to slide by Scott free? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Of course, in Russia she’d be lucky to keep her life. Certainly that is no option here. I am simply asking that you allow the investigations to continue, to allow all evidence to be fully discovered, and to allow your Justice Department to review all the evidence gathered in every case and to make a determination based upon the full preponderance of said evidence and then decided whether she should be indicted and face a jury of her peers.  Our country deserves to know the full truth and the Clintons need to be accountable for their actions. This is a critical moment for every American young and old, that no one, no matter how high placed is above the law. Isn’t this the lesson you would want Barron to learn?

Deborah “Liberty” Rhoades @realDonaldTrump


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