Get Over It & Go Home

When I went to bed Monday night, my stomach was in knots and I was having a panic attack.  I had the television on to Fox News (at first it was on ABC, but I changed it because I couldn’t stand the people they had on reporting and the slant they had on the discussion of the election).  I listened, but most of all I was reading the results at the bottom of the screen as they show the reports of the states and the various elections.  One of my pet peeves is calling an election when only 30% of the precincts have reported.  How crazy is that, right?  When you have 70% outstanding, anything can happen! Nevertheless, these crazy news outlets do it anyway.  I listened and read for about an hour before I determined that what was going to happen was going to happen and my anxiety about it wasn’t going to matter, so I went to sleep.

Much to my surprise when I awoke, Trump was announced as the winner.  I was completely taken aback because I just knew that Hillary was going to win, especially going to win the electoral college.  I had no idea that it would be Trump who would win the electoral college and Hillary who would win the popular vote.  Pundits agreed.  Pundits surmised that there must have been those who feared retaliation for their support of Trump who had kept quiet through the campaign process who came forward for Trump in the voting process. This is quite interesting.  These people were in fear of the Democrat Party and their tendency toward retaliation and violence.  Seeing what is happening now, I can understand why.

I am so ashamed of the behavior I see happening now.  Hillary Clinton and everyone in the Democrat Party should be ashamed of it.  The fact that they are not and that they have not come forward and asked these kids to go home and to stop their protest and violence is very disturbing.  This is the behavior you get when you raise children never allowing them to fail and never teaching them how cope with failure.  When you give little Johnny and little Susie an award for everything they do good AND bad, then they never know whether they’ve done something right or wrong, good or bad.  This is not real life.

And in school, so many teachers now are giving away grades that students don’t deserve because they want their reports to look good and they want their student evaluations to be good.  This sets students up for failure when they go to college and find out that they aren’t as smart as they thought they were.  My son graduated from high school almost two years ago.  In his graduating class there were 632 students.  In that class over 420 were honor students.  Yep, you read that correctly…420 honor graduates.  He was right behind them with an 89.5 GPA.  Now consider this, this high school has not made its AYP in several years BUT it has this many honor graduates?  Something is amiss.  You would think someone from the state superintendent’s office would come looking to see about how this happens.

The real point is that the time to protest is over.  The election is over and a president was elected fairly under the law.  You  may not like the law, but it is the law.  Your protest is not going to result in any outcome.  President-Elect Trump has not even taken office yet and people are accusing him of doing things he cannot even do yet.  Mrs. Clinton did nothing to lead by example in this situation.  She has behaved like a child.  Any person with decency and class would have come forward and asked that the protesters stop and go home, and to accept the outcome of the election.  She would have asked that they treat this president with respect and to support him as they would have her to make this country one that projects dignity and respect around the world.  Instead, she has a temper tantrum like a 2 year old and sends her “daddy” out to cover for her.  Still after two weeks, there is no word from her to the protesters with any kind of direction to accept the election and to go home.  Without these words, she is in essence approving their behavior and supporting it.

Here are the facts: Donald J Trump won the election legally.  He won the electoral college.  The Founding Fathers established the electoral college because they feared a president being chosen merely on popularity rather than on qualification.  He has not taken the office yet, so he cannot act in any presidential fashion at this time.  He is putting together his transition team and selecting his cabinet.  Hillary Clinton lost the election.  She lost the election because of herself, not because of the media, or the FBI, or Congress (Trey Gowdy), or anyone else she wants to blame.  Hillary and only Hillary is to blame for her loss.  She needs to get over it and move on.  I hope that President Trump with shut down the Clinton Foundation and put an end to that operation. Otherwise, I suspect Bill and Hillary will continue to operate that illegal operation until someone in law enforcement makes them stop.  She has much time on her hands now.  She can either use this time for good, or she can use it for bad.  This will remain to be seen.  Good luck to us all!



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