I love good political strategy!

Well you just knew that Hillary’s email scandal wouldn’t die.  The cover up has been just too poorly constructed for it to die.  One of the things I love about politics is watching these maneuvers and strategies play out and wondering what in the world goes on in the heads of these overpriced strategists and consultants that they allow these things to happen in front of cameras!

FBI Director Comey most likely does not have actual political strategists to assist him because he is not supposed to be political, but he does have within the Bureau public relations personnel who are supposed to construct public announcements and who are supposed to assist with his public appearances so that he doesn’t say things that he should not. Those PR people failed him miserably.  We all know, because of his statements, that Hillary lied about emailing classified information outside of the appropriate government secured email system.  That is illegal.  PERIOD.  ILLEGAL.  Whether or not she did it on purpose or knew what she was doing was illegal does not matter.  The law say so.  However, FBI Director Comey stated that because he could not find intent there would be no charges against Mrs. Clinton.  What he should have said was, “There will be no charges against Mrs. Clinton at this time, ” and just left it at that and refused to answer questions.  That way it would be open ended and there would be no stupid statement about intent which was erroneous anyway.

Another interesting strategy regarding these dreaded emails relates to the Assange, Putin, Clinton triangle.  Clinton alleges that there is a conspiracy by the Russians; that they were the ones who hacked her emails and provided them to Julian Assange at Wikileaks who has then been making them public.  This is interesting.  First, not long ago Clinton claimed that the server had, to her knowledge, never been hacked, but now all of the sudden and conveniently it has been hacked by the evil Russians who are out to get her.  For what reason Putin is out to get her, I don’t know.  Maybe it is in horror over her dreadful “reset button” or her awful pant suits!  What else on earth could it be?  After all they got a great deal from her while she was Secretary of State.  Rosatom, a state owned uranium company purchased controlling interested in Uranium One, a Canadian Company, which owned 20 percent of the U S uranium holdings.  From 2009 to 2013, the head of Uranium One made contributions of the Clinton Foundation that totaled over 2.35 million and shortly after the Russians took control of Uranium One, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.  Coincidence? I doubt it.  Now, Hillary did once compare Putin to Hitler, so maybe that comment still sits deep in his craw.  He is ex-KGB, after all.

But let’s think strategically here.  Who has the most to gain here.  It would seem to me that all of this is really more to the benefit of Mrs. Clinton.  If we repeat a lie over and over and over, eventually the uninformed masses will begin to believe it as fact.  That is her M.O.  Therefore, if she repeats that her email has been hacked and that the bad, bad Russians have retrieved her emails and have changed them or modified them in some way and given them to Assange, then she can continue to play the victim and not the nasty criminal that she really is.  The server holds all the truth.  Any decent IT person can tell you when and how a server has been hacked and where the hacker was and what the hacker’s IP address was.  It may take some time to obtain this information but it can be done.  NSA can do it.  We have this technology; it is no secret and Mrs. Clinton knows the truth is out there and that her time with the truth is fleeting.

Putin may very well be behind the hacking and he may very well hate her and want to sway this election; however, I do not believe that he would do it.  There have been other Russian leaders in the past that had similar feelings and desires and they did not do it then either.  To tamper with election systems really goes beyond the pale.  It would be traceable back to him and I truly do not believe he cares that much about it.  The person with the most to lose at this point is Hillary Clinton.  This is her conspiracy and her strategy.  To repeat this lie that it is Putin who wants to hurt her.  That is Putin who wants to tamper with our election system.  This just cries of desperation.  Do not fall for this nonsense.  Nothing I have said is pro-Trump.  I am simply telling you that this line of strategy from this candidate is not real.  When people resort to fear in order to get a vote, we should all be very concerned about a candidate which ever side they may be on.

You know it occurs to me that we really have another option as a country.  We have an option that no other country has ever done.  We have a social contract with our government meaning that they work for us, and when they fail to remember who works for who, then it is broken.  I don’t know about most of you but I really feel like I don’t have much of an option in this election.  I really don’t care of anyone.  We could as a nation just stay home.  One hundred percent of eligible voters just stay home.  What would they do then?  No popular vote. No electoral vote. No vote at all.  I think that would make Gandhi proud.  MLK Jr. proud.  Could you imagine no voters at the polls?  Poll workers stay home.  It is an interesting premise.

Let me know what you think.



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