What’s Wrong With Us?

I live in South Georgia and we recently went through Hurricane Hermine. It was not as bad as it could have been. The eye of the storm went directly over where my family lives. There were tens of thousands without power for a day or two, trees down, limbs, yard debris, etc.   Schools in our area closed in advance of the storm so my daughter decided to take that opportunity to spend the night with her grandmother across town. The next day, they were without power and I had to wait for several hours before I could get on the road to go pick her up.  Once I did, I had to take a couple of detours to get to my mother’s neighborhood. On the drive there, there was something that stood out for me. No longer do we as human beings do anything for one another. All we seem to do any more is pass the buck down the road to someone else. We absolutely want no responsibility for anyone or anything but what we believe is “ours”.

Let me explain what I mean. When I was about 10, my parents got our first riding mower and it became my job to mow the lawn. While I mowed, my parents did other jobs in the yard. The mower did not have a bagger, so the grass clippings were blown out and had to be raked up. When I mowed near the street, of course, they were blown into the street. We would raked up the clippings in the yard and sweep up those in the street. The day of the storm as I drove through town, I could see where trees had fallen from yards into the street and owners had come and sawed the tree into pieces and put those pieces on the curb, but had left the remains in the street for city workers to clean up as if they had no more responsibility for those parts. I saw yards that had been cleaned up, but the street in front of the home was almost impassible because of tree limbs.  It makes me wonder how many older folks were left at home without power and without anyone to check on them because it wasn’t anyone’s responsibility.

What has happened to us? Why are we so focused on ourselves that we cannot even go out passed our curb to clean up the small part of the street in front of our house so that a car can drive down the street safely? We cannot even check on that neighbor a few doors down that we rarely see anyone come visit and we know is getting on up in age. Would it really be such an imposition to walk down and see if he/she needs any help?  I am not saying all of this because I am perfect. I am saying it because I felt convicted! Sure I check on my mom, my mother-in-law, and close friends, but I still need to do better. We all need to do better. We have to stop passing the responsibility to someone else when we are just doing it to get out of doing it ourselves. If we would just do this, our society would be so much better for it.

I challenge you to take this on with me.

God bless!



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