Why We Should Stop Shaming Melania Trump — john pavlovitz

I am sharing this post from John Pavlovitz because I couldn’t say it any better than he and this needs to be said.  We have to consider both sides here.  In deciding who we will vote for in November becomes a cost/benefit analysis of epic proportions.  Although spouses are not normally as significant as the candidate themselves, this election cycle, they are more important.  Bill Clinton and Melania Trump by their nature makes them important.  In this posting, John makes some important points regarding the media’s treatment of Melania.


This weekend the New York Post published decades old nude photos of Melania Trump, and lots of folks have taken to social media to share the piece, along with similar memes juxtaposing her and First Lady Michelle Obama. At first these things seem like political fair play; a clever tit-for-tat response, doing to the Trumps what Donald Trump has……

via Why We Should Stop Shaming Melania Trump — john pavlovitz


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