Where do we go from here?

Like, I think, most people I feel very conflicted this election cycle.  We have often found ourselves in a situation where we are forced to choose the “lesser of two evils”, but I am not sure that the “lesser” of the two evils has been quite like this.  It is hard to say because I do not have grandparents to tell me what it was like in elections past to really know.  But, even during the Cold War elections, when I remember feelings of distress about our security against the Russians, I don’t remember feeling that either choice would place my life in significant danger as I do now.

With the primaries behind us and the debates coming, I will be following those closely for glimpses of some sort of resolution to my distress.  As it stands right now, however, I know that in my heart, I could never vote for Mrs. Clinton. I do not care if she is prosecuted or not for her crimes involving her illegal server.  She committed crimes against our country with that server, I know it for a fact.  I was a U. S. Army Counterintelligence Agent, I know that if I had done what she did, I would be in Ft. Leavenworth for the rest of my life, no questions asked.  I signed the same documents that she signed. I got the same briefings about safeguarding our national security intelligence.  She lied. She lied and she got special treatment because of who she is.  That is called elitism. She wants us to believe that she is different from everyone else in Washington, but this is evidence right here, that she is not.  Her forty plus years of public service has provided her with contacts in the right places, with dirt on those in the right places, and she set this situation up on the very day that she took her oath of office in such a way that she knew that if she ever got caught she would create enough collateral damage she would never be prosecuted for it.  This is one smart cookie.

But, Trump is no dummy either.  He is about as slick as they come.  He is passing himself off as a Republican when he is really a Democrat, albeit a conservative Democrat, but none-the-less a Democrat.  So, theories abound that Hillary and Donald concocted this plan for him to put his hat in the ring as a ruse so that she would win the election, believing that the Donald wasn’t serious about being president and that he would drop out.  I can believe that theory.  It makes sense to me.  He and the Clintons have been close in the past.  I don’t know why he would want to agree to such a scheme unless there was some promise made that he wanted like a real estate deal down the road.  He doesn’t need the cash from the Clinton Foundation.  But where the Clintons miscalculated is with the Donald’s ego.  What they could never have predicted was the voter.  Once voters started actually jumping behind the Donald and started chanting his name, that ego kicked in and it was over.  Donald saw that, “hey, I might actually win.”  Then he threw Hillary under the bus with her little deal.

It will interesting to see just how far he is willing to go during the debates in hammering her on all of her scandals, lies, etc.  There are forty plus years of materials he could cover.  She’s gone from being anti-civil rights under Goldwater and a follower of racist pigs like Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger to open borders and Common Core. On the other hand, Hillary can turn on Trump too.  He has no record on anything, but he has flipped on issues like abortion and his stance on NATO is not popular on either side.  These next few months will give us much to discuss.

I love to debate, but I demand civility and respect, or I will bounce you off of here.  There is no need to be hateful.  It does not resolve anything.





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