It Is Time to Go

So now there are two primaries under our belt…Iowa and New Hampshire.  I don’t care what you call them…caucus, primary, whatever, they serve the same purpose.  Trump has won two now as has Sanders, so they are solidifying their positions, much to my dismay.  I have to wonder in terms of Sanders, though, if a vote for Sanders is truly a vote for Sanders and socialism or if it really more a vote against Hillary.  Would Sanders really be leading the Democrat Party if there were another viable candidate?  We don’t know the answer to this question because no one else is jumping in to help us find out.  I certainly don’t want Vice President Biden to jump in because he is a complete moron who has never had an original thought in his life, nor do I want the feminazi from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.  What about Joe Manchin, surely he’d be a better choice and much more popular, right?

But here are my thoughts now that we’ve had two primaries.  Now is the time to narrow our Republican field.  It is time for some of these candidates to choke back their pride and do the right thing…bow out!  They need to see the proverbial writing on the wall.  They cannot and will not win the nomination if they are still at the bottom of the list.  It is not fair to those at the top of the list to continue taking votes away.  I love some of these candidates for their honest, forthright nature, but bowing out does not mean that their political careers are over.  It may simply mean that they will become the second half of the final ticket, or that they become the head of an agency once the election is over.  That is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a position to be proud of and to assume with dignity and grace.

To continue in the primary process and stay at the bottom only shows oneself to be a narcissist, much like the one who is holding office now.  It is not a position of grace.  Bow out now and put your support behind one of the others.  Campaign for that person and show yourself to be the bigger person.  That will make you one to be admired and respected.  That is a person I can put myself behind in the future.



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